07/03/2018 14:56 SAST | Updated 07/03/2018 16:42 SAST

Da Les' 'HOF2' Is A Whole Vibe -- Here's Why You Should Get It

The new album is 🔥 🔥 🔥!

Da Les.
Da Les.

If you're into good music, then rapper Da Les' latest album, "Hall Of Fame 2" ("HOF2") is for you.

Speaking to HuffPost, the "Lifestyle" hitmaker said the album, which features artists from across the world, is hosted by DJ Envy.

He said people should buy it because it's nothing but great music.

"Through my experience in the industry, it's known that I make good music. Also, the artists we have on the album are relatable to anyone. We have music that speaks to young and old," he said.

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Asked how the album came about, Da Les said it was the coming together of great musical minds.

"Thanks to the success of "HOF1", when word got out that we [were] working on the second instalment, everyone just pulled up to the studio and we made music. I have a rule that anyone who comes to my studio, I have to do some work with," he said.

Da Les said after over 10 years in the industry, music sustains him.

"Without the music, there's no Da Les. I also think the company that I keep has a lot to do with how I've managed to stay relevant in the industry. I have a young and fresh team that's always thinking about how we can take things to the next level.

"The third thing I can attribute my success to is the relationships I've built and kept over the years. I have really good relationships with a lot of people within the music industry, and I think that has a lot to do with my personality as well – I'm great with people and very entertaining to be around," he said.

Asked what's more important for him – leaving a legacy or making money – Da Les said he was all about leaving a legacy.

"You have to have a fair balance of both, but if I have to choose one I'd definitely choose leaving a legacy – it's more important, because it's something that's going to sustain your family for years to come," he said.

The next five years for Da Les are?

"Interesting. There will be a lot of music, mentorship and a lot of entrepreneurial ventures. I also want to do more charitable work and change lives for the better," he said.

The album was released and launched on Friday, and several people have already given it their stamp of approval.

It's available at all music stores.