10/03/2018 12:04 SAST | Updated 12/03/2018 14:38 SAST

Goodluck's New Single Is For You – Here's The Inspiration Behind It

"Just have fun being yourself. Enjoy your own personality, and don't spend so much time worrying about the facade."

GoodLuck / Instagram
Ben Peters, Juliet Harding and Matthew O’Connell are GoodLuck.

Local live electronic band GoodLuck says its latest single, "Be Yourself", is a message everyone needs to hear.

The trio spoke to HuffPost following the release of the song and music video.

Lead singer Juliet Harding said the song is an honest look at one's self-worth and encourages everyone to be who they are and ignore the pressure to conform.

"We wrote the song from a position of watching the way the world is going and the slight insecurity that comes with social-media culture and how it puts pressure on young people.

"Everyone is comparing themselves to other people. They are watching Instagram and wanting to be like the people they follow on social media. So we looked at that and thought, but how healthy can this be for one's personality and spirit?" Harding said.

She said the song reminds people they don't have to always watch what other people are doing.

"Just have fun being yourself. Enjoy your own personality, and don't spend so much time worrying about the facade," she said.

Harding said the group feels strongly about women empowerment in the music industry.

"We've always felt very strongly about the role that women play in society in general. In the music industry, the inequalities are so obvious between men and women. Sometimes society puts on the wrong kind of sense of importance between male and female artists – it's often about your looks, your body and not about the music. We've always felt that there's a need for us to, in whatever we do, uplift the musicianship of female artists," she said.

Band member and producer Ben Peters said society should not judge musicians based on their looks.

"Remember, it's about the song and the meaning behind it, and not the looks and sex appeal, and we feel the song also ties into that message," he said.

The song is available on electronic platforms, and the music video will be out soon.