12/03/2018 14:23 SAST | Updated 12/03/2018 14:23 SAST

Get Your Mind Blown By Virtual Models Of Africa's Great Architectural Treasures

The University of Cape Town's Zamani Project is capturing the continent in 3D.

Zamani Project

The University of Cape Town's Zamani Project, an extraordinary initiative combining the latest technology with heritage preservation, is travelling across Africa capturing some of the continent's most extraordinary architectural structures.

Their latest project will see the group, lead by UCT emeritus professor of geomatics Heinz Rüther, document the intervention and upgrading of the historic Stone Town seafront in Zanzibar using stereo photogrammetry and highly detailed 3D models based on laser scanning.

But it's just the latest project for the extraordinary heritage group. Check out some of their 3D models below, to be transported around Africa in virtual reality.

Animation of the 3D Laser-Scan Model "Beta Maryam" in Lalibela, Ethiopia

Djenné Mosque, Mali

3D Animation of Great Zimbabwe

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