13/03/2018 15:05 SAST | Updated 13/03/2018 15:18 SAST

Engagement Rings? Old Hat! How About An Engagement Piercing?

Because nothing says "I love you" like a gemstone impaled on your finger...


Let's face it, engagement rings, as romantic as they may sound, aren't for everyone.

Maybe it's their big flashy nature, or even the arbitrary linking of jewellery to a personal commitment, or even just the fear in the naturally clumsy that they'll lose it.

Tattoos have been a great alternative, but now engagement piercings are gaining traction as a hot trend. The ring finger is pierced, just like an ear or a nipple – and piercings can include diamonds, because there is such a thing as tradition, after all.

Like most piercings, they can be customised according to your taste and personality – or that of your beloved.

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The piercing trend, spotted by The Sun in the U.K., is not new – only lately, there are more and more couples doing it. Extreme piercing seems to be following tattoos into the mainstream.

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It looks good on men's hands too.

There are some risks, however.

Experts warn that the placement of the piercing is very important. Too deep, and the skin can grow over the piercing, but a piercing that's not deep enough will move around.

Notably, removing the piercing – should things go sour with your partner – will leave a tiny scar.