14/03/2018 11:56 SAST | Updated 14/03/2018 12:55 SAST

Artist 'Lady Skollie' Teaching Johannesburg Youth Art As Activism

Lady Skollie and the Ntethelelo Foundation partner in an educational project for the upcoming Constitution Hill Human Rights Festival.


As Human Rights Day approaches, artist Lady Skollie along with the Ntethelelo Foundation have geared up to use creativity as a form of activism. The project includes working closely with 20 girls from the Ntethelelo Foundation's youth programme in Sitjwetla, an informal settlement near Alexandra.

The Johannesburg-based artist ran workshops to help the girls creatively connect their lived experiences within their communities to their rights as stated in the constitution.

The project also included the opportunity to teach participants about the importance of their rights through drama. This is where the youth teams shared their experience of human-rights violations, exploring remedies for those scenarios using the constitution.

"I was excited to be able to use art to empower these young women and help them speak their truth. Life in Sitjwetla is incredibly hard on them, but they have such resilience and are so open to learning and creating, that it has been a privilege to co-create with them, using art as a form of activism to tell their stories," said Lady Skollie

The full project will showcase at the Constitution Hill from March 23-25 during the upcoming Human Rights Festival, which is focused on visual art and drama as a tool to unpack themes of gender-based violence and the rights of children.

Any proceeds raised will be shared between the girls and the foundation, which will use the funds to buy a creative workshop space for the learners.