20/03/2018 06:50 SAST | Updated 20/03/2018 06:50 SAST

96-Year-Old Style Legend Iris Apfel Just Got Her Very Own Barbie

The fashion icon is the most recent celebrity to have a Barbie doll made in her likeness. 

A regular Barbie (L) and Apfel's Barbie (R). 

Legendary fashion icon Iris Apfel is the most recent celebrity to have a Barbie made in her likeness.

Mattel announced Apfel's Barbie on Wednesday, telling HuffPost that the company created the doll to celebrate the style icon's new book, "Iris Apfel: Accidental Icon". Apfel joins the ranks of famous women who have had dolls created in their likeness, including Olympic snowboarder Chloe Kim, director Ava DuVernay, ballerina Misty Copeland and Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas.

The 96-year-old is an interior designer and all-round style connoisseur who is well known for her Coke-bottle glasses and bold red lips. In 2014, filmmaker Albert Maysles made a documentary about Apfel called "Iris".

"Fashion you can buy, but style you possess. The key to style is learning who you are, which takes years," Apfel told ELLE in a 2013 interview. "There's no how-to road map to style. It's about self expression, and above all, attitude."

Ilya S. Savenok via Getty Images
Apfel at a fashion awards show on May 24, 2016, in New York, New York. 

Although Apfel's doll is not meant to be sold in stores, a Barbie spokesperson told HuffPost that there will be a new line of dolls coming out later this year inspired by Apfel's style.

Mattel recently launched several other new dolls for their "Shero" and "Inspiring Women" lines, including dolls made in the likeness of artist Frida Kahlo, aviator Amelia Earhart and mathematician Katherine Johnson. Although the new dolls made a big splash on International Women's Day, many fans criticised Mattel for the Kahlo doll, which did not include a full unibrow or the artist's wheelchair. The Kahlo family also reportedly did not sign off on the doll.

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