22/03/2018 11:57 SAST | Updated 22/03/2018 11:57 SAST

SA Celebs You Do Not Want To Mess With On Twitter

From clap-backs to insults -- SA's celebs can turn on the nasty on social media.

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There are certain celebrities you do not want to mess with on social media. Twitter has become a platform for users to become more connected with their favourite celebrities, but if you step on their toes, expect a feisty clap-back.

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Sometimes celebrities don't even need to be provoked. Condescending and insulting Twitter rants aimed at making followers feel bad about themselves are some of the negative effects of social media.

SA rapper Tumi "Stogie T" Molekane, for example, recently got dragged by the Twitter-sphere for telling an aspiring rapper to "get a job".

Tumi 'Stogie T' Molekane

Livid tweeps then dragged him on his timeline, starting the hashtag #StogieTrash.

But then Stogie T claimed the comments he made were actually from a rap song he had written and that he was "trolling" Black Twitter -- or was he?

In the song, apparently set to be released on Wednesday, he says he will explain the comments he made and prove that he is not the rude jerk Black Twitter had painted him out to be; nonetheless, it was an entertaining 24 hours on Stogie's timeline.


Don't mess with Emtee when it comes to his music and his influence in the SA hip-hop industry. The "Roll-Up" hitmaker does not take kindly to people who think they are better than him in music, especially upcoming rappers.

Emtee also doesn't hold back when it comes to responding to fans who choose to disagree with him — so, follow at your own peril.

Pearl Thusi

In response to a tweet where a Twitter user accused Pearl Thusi of always wanting attention, Thusi responded back by saying: "Ngifuz'unyoko," which loosely translates to "I take after your mother".

Quite harsh, but in the social media world, you must be ready to face the heat, it seems.


A Twitter user trolled AKA by posting a picture of the rapper, tagging him and asking: "By show of hands, how many of you are single this V-day?"


AKA responded that he would indeed be single on February 14, but came back with a massive clap-back (above) that was ice cold.


So before you think about taking on an SA celeb on Twitter, remember that they are ice cold when it comes to clap-backs and they do not hold back when it comes to a classic Twar (Twitter-war).