23/03/2018 15:35 SAST | Updated 23/03/2018 18:06 SAST

Woman's Heartwarming First Date Story Is Perfect Antidote To Superficial Dating App Culture

Her dating app match gave her a surprising "disclosure" before meeting in person.

A woman has encouraged people to be more honest with strangers they meet on dating apps after a match gave her a surprising ‘disclosure’ before agreeing to exchange phone numbers. 

Mehak, 32, matched with the 33-year-old (who wished to remain anonymous) on dating app, Hinge, earlier this week. Although they were getting on well, before they took it any further he told Mehak he wanted to be honest.

“I immediately thought he’s married and this is a waste of my time,” she said. Instead, the stranger explained that he had been in a car accident that had left him badly injured and with a limp. 

Mehak, who lives in Mumbai, India, said that although she had always believed honesty is the basis of relationships, telling HuffPost UK: “Honesty should be the basis of any equation, romantic or platonic.” But this experience taught her something else as well. 

But, writing in a Twitter thread, Mehak said she didn’t see why he needed to be this honest. “All of this didn’t seem like a problem to me”. It was only later that she learned his limp had been a problem for other potential matches.

“It infuriates me how obsessed we are with physical appearances,” she says.

The couple have now planned their third date for next week, and said they are getting used to the amount of attention that their love story is getting. 

Mehak told HuffPost: “I’ve always felt dating apps are what you make of them. I had just downloaded this particular app, I did not know what to expect. He is the first and only person I’ve met from this app. I’m glad it was him.

“His honesty has definitely helped us have conversations that we would probably not have otherwise.”