29/03/2018 16:31 SAST | Updated 29/03/2018 16:31 SAST

Couples That Regularly Go On Baecations Have Better Sex Lives — Study

Wanderlust for a reason?

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If reigniting your relationship spark, and looking for a deeper connection and steamier sex is what you're after, booking a trip can be a great place to start.

In a study by travel association, Travelocity, 56 percent of couples revealed that a romantic getaway, also known in millenial language as 'baecation', is important for keeping the spark in their relationships going.

Almost all the travellers (95 percent) reported feeling closer to their partner after such trips, compared to 5 percent of travellers who wish they had stayed at home.

Travelling, be it for a weekend getaway each month or a couple of big trips a year, will definitely add that spark.

"Travel is the ultimate bonding experience," travel blogger, Mike Howard told Travelocity. He and his partner, Anne and have travelled to over 50 countries. "Exploring exotic places, trying new things, sharing the thrills of adventure...that's what memories are made of."

"Travelling, be it for a weekend getaway each month or a couple of big trips a year, will definitely add that spark," added Anne.

Better yet, travelling with a partner gives your sex life a major boost. This is according to another study by U.S. Travel Association, which revealed that couples who 'baecate' often also have more sex. 77 percent described their sex lives as "good", with 28 percent saying their sex life is better since they started travelling together.

A majority (59 percent) of couples said that being more intimate is an important reason to vacation together, unlike 23 percent couples who do not regularly travel. The latter group also reported that they "do not have enough time for intimacy and sex."

Further, nearly two-thirds of couples (63%) surveyed said a weekend getaway is more likely to spark romance than large or small gifts.

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