30/03/2018 09:15 SAST | Updated 30/03/2018 09:49 SAST

Lilly Million And Her Husband Play Church, And It's Hilarious

We all know a saint who needs a little push in the right direction. 😂 😂

Lilly Million and Blaque Nubon.
Lilly Million and Blaque Nubon.

If you're celebrating Easter, but feeling a little blue and in need of some cheering up, read on.

Meet gospel artist Lilly Million and her husband, Blaque Nubon.

The couple, married for four years now, have an Instagram page on which they share motivational messages on a lighter note.

So whether you're headed out to a pilgrimage or just commemorating at home, these videos are sure to keep you entertained.

We all know someone who...

Likes to break other saints down:

Or those brethren who are shocked when blessings come their way:

Slap your neighbour and shout "The spirit of being shocked must die!" Hallelujaaaaaah #SoYouKnowHow #BlackChurchTime #TagSomebody #BlackChurch #parody

Who is trapped in the mind:

Enjoy your Easter weekend!