02/04/2018 10:58 SAST | Updated 02/04/2018 13:04 SAST

Women Likely To Have Their Best Sex In Their Late 30s

Confidence is the key.

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Some people assume that a woman's sex life peaks in her twenties, yet in a new study by Natural Cycles, it is women in their late 30s who are having the best sex of their lives.

The study surveyed more than 2,600 women, who were divided into three groups: younger (below 23), middle (23-36) and older (36 and over). The results showed that orgasm, attractiveness and enjoyable sex gets better with age.

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Although the younger age group reported feeling sexy and attractive, they scored the lowest when asked about how often they orgasm. Instead, the majority of women in the older age group (58 percent) said they had the most enjoyable orgasm and the greatest number of orgasms, scoring 10 percent higher than the younger age group, and five percent higher than the middle age group.

The 36-year-olds and above also said they were having the most enjoyable sex, with 86 percent of them reporting enjoyable and consistent intercourse, compared with 76 percent in the middle age group.

The key to the enjoyment? Confidence. When questioned about sexual attractiveness, the older age group also reported feeling the most confident in their own skin — scoring 10 percent above the average for the middle age group who were the least happy with how they looked. The youngest age group came in second place.

This is not the first time research has suggested that women in their 30s are having glorious sex lives. A previous study put the golden age of enjoyment at 33. Over a third of women surveyed in this study said they'd become more confident with age, and attributed that factor to the better enjoyment of sex compared to their twenties.

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