03/04/2018 10:38 SAST | Updated 03/04/2018 10:39 SAST

Gauteng Education Wants 'Racist' Parktown Boys' Teacher Held Accountable

A 45-minute recording of art teacher Nik Muiznieks allegedly using racial and other slurs to refer to his pupils has surfaced.

DONGSEON_KIM via Getty Images

The Gauteng education department said it would make sure that a Parktown Boys' High School teacher – who has now resigned – is held accountable for an allegedly racist rant.

The Saturday Star claimed over the weekend that it was in possession of a 45-minute recording of art teacher Nik Muiznieks allegedly using racial and other slurs to refer to his pupils.

"Some Parktown Boys are monkeys, and this is not a racial statement; there is [sic] black monkeys and white monkeys," Muiznieks is reported to have said.

He also allegedly threatened to blow up the boarding house and asked an Indian pupil, whom he called "Isis", where he could find a bomb.

The department is not satisfied by Muiznieks' resignation and plans to take the matter even further, provincial spokesperson Steve Mabona said.

"We are unhappy with the resignation, hence we will communicate with the South African Council for Educators (SACE) – to charge [him] and determine whether he will be able to educate again. People must take responsibility [for] their actions," he said.

Parktown Boys' High School was embroiled in a scandal last year, when allegations that an assistant water polo coach had sexually assaulted 31 boys were made.

Muiznieks' recording has raised another issue allegedly plaguing the school – secondary victimisation of the pupils who reported the abuse.

Muiznieks apparently labelled pupils "evil snitches" for reporting sexual assault.

The Saturday Star also reported that nine other teachers were accused of making light of the scandal.

Mabona confirmed that the department was aware of secondary victimisation at the school.

"We decided to appoint an independent body to investigate the allegations. The MEC, Panyaza Lesufi, is studying a report from the investigative body. Subsequently, he will convene stakeholders in due course to report and pave a way forward," said Mabona.