02/04/2018 11:45 SAST | Updated 02/04/2018 16:35 SAST

The 10 Most Popular Instagram Recipes From March 2018

Looks like one kind of cake never goes out of style.

Half Baked Harvest/Love & Olive Oil/The Hungry Hutch

March is supposed to come in like a lion and out like a lamb. But in the world of Instagram food, it’s more like, “In like a slow-cooked stroganoff, out like a flower-adorned cake.”

The palates of HuffPost Taste’s Instagram followers didn’t change much from February, when they went for the typical comfort foods of deep winter ― and for good reason.

Remember those four nor’easters in March? Instagram remembers them too. Rather than double-tapping lighter spring fare, our followers in March most liked four comforting desserts, two pastas, three oven-baked savory dishes and a soup.

And as winter weather lingered, so did a taste for a certain kind of dessert: The top recipe for February has a lot in common with March’s.

Here are the 10 most liked recipes from March:

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