03/04/2018 16:37 SAST | Updated 03/04/2018 16:38 SAST

The Hotel With A Room For Every Erotic Fantasy

The 'love hotel' is complete with bondage and torture rooms and plenty sex toys.

Inspired by 50 Shades Of Grey, the first and only 'love hotel' has been opened in Kiev, Ukraine.

Cherry Twins has different rooms decorated in the 'style of various erotic fantasies' for couples to act out whatever fantasies take their fancy.

Designed with the help of a sexologist, the rooms are named accordingly as Queen's Boudoir, Arabesque Harem, Medical Room, Classroom, Domination Room, Gothic Room and even Torture Room.

Cherry Twins

Cherry Twins

Cherry Twins

The medical room, for example, is equipped with a birthing chair, complete with foot placements 'to get you in position'.

Cherry Twins

Some sex toys that come standard with each room include floggers, whips, nine-tail lashes, slap stacks, spanker stacks, bracers and handcuffs.

There are strict rules at the hotel though as it does not allow anyone under 21, intoxicated guests or more than four guests in one room.

The hotel also makes it clear that it does not provide any other services, except for renting hotel rooms. "Getting and rendering of paid sexual services in our hotel forbidden," its website states.

Visitors also have a choice to remain anonymous. The hotel even offers half-masks and veils that will hide one's face from the video cameras in the hotel lobby.

And just in case you're worried about hygiene, the hotel promises that after each guest, the furniture, devices and toys in the rooms are sterilised and treated with special disinfectants.