05/04/2018 15:29 SAST | Updated 05/04/2018 16:04 SAST

'Khabonina With The Cuteness' Talks About That Rap Video

And no, she's not planning a career in hip-hop (just yet).

Khabonina Qubeka.
Khabonina Qubeka.

Actress, dancer and yogi Khabonina Qubeka says although she has no intention of venturing into a career in hip-hop (just yet), she still had the best time shooting her latest rap video, which has since set tongues wagging on social media.

Speaking to HuffPost, Khabonina said she shot the video a while ago as a form of expression and it was only recently that someone found it and tweeted it.

"I'm am an artist and I express myself in all forms of art -- through drama, dancing and now yoga. So the video was my way of expressing how I feel as a woman. It was completely fun and I loved it," she said.

Watch the video here:

When asked how she came up with the lyrics, the Isidingo star said she wrote them herself.

"I love talking about the female form, the woman. I like talking about body parts and I love being raunchy when I'm expressing myself in different forms - especially in song. So, I'm not afraid to go there and I think there's nothing wrong with that," she said.

As to whether she'd consider a career in rap, Khabonina said: "When you're an artist, it's not even about considering a career in this or that. It's about how you feel. So if it happens that next month I feel like going into the studio to record a rap song or do a yoga series I'll do that. For me, it's about being free as an artist.

"I'm fearless. I'm free enough to express myself whichever way I want to. That's why I keep telling people that it's not your business what people will say. What matters is that you do what you want to set yourself free," she said.

Soon after the video was published on Twitter, it took off like wildfire with some sharing their own versions of the song.

And she loved people's reactions.

"At the end of the day as artists we aim to get a reaction. How they react, is really none of anyone's business, but getting a reaction is the aim. For people to feel something," she said.

Is there anything Khabonina can't do?

"You can't focus on things you can't do. Rather focus on things you love doing. For me expressing myself is what I love to do," she said.