12/04/2018 16:36 SAST | Updated 12/04/2018 16:36 SAST

Violet Is Caster's Biggest Fan – It's A Social Media Love-In

They're inspiring people with all the couple goals. ♥♥

Caster and Violet on their wedding day.
Caster and Violet on their wedding day.

South African speed queen Caster Semenya made the whole country proud winning her first Commonwealth Games 1,500m gold medal in Gold Coast, Australia – with another in the 800m perhaps still to come.

It was her wife's sweet messages ahead of the race that left us all warm inside.

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She knows I'm her biggest fan,i cheer for her louder than anyone Issa final day for 1500m#Chooseday#chooseTeamC#GC2018#Numberonesupporter❤❤@gabbyfakudekamnisi Are you ready?

Both Violet and Caster are known for their public displays of affection on social media, inspiring fans everywhere.

Here are some loved-up snaps that we enjoyed: