14/04/2018 11:33 SAST | Updated 14/04/2018 12:15 SAST

Simphiwe Dana: 'Madikizela-Mandela Was A Mbokodo'

"Madikizela-Mandela Should Be The Last Woman To Be Persecuted For Her Strength."

Howard Denner/ Photoshot/ Getty Images
Simphiwe Dana is one of the artists set to perform during the service.

Afro Soul singer Simphiwe Dana says struggle hero Winnie Madikizela–Mandela was the strongest African woman she knew.

The songstress spoke to HuffPost at the Orlando Stadium ahead of Madikizela–Mandela's special official funeral.

"Her sense of morals was something profound and she has stood by her word and convictions for many years when people have changed their minds according to their experiences, she is a true Imbokodo," Dana said.

Dana is one of the artists set to perform during the service, where thousands of South Africans are bidding farewell to Madikizela–Mandela.

She said calls for her to perform started on Twitter and although she was approached to perform at the last minute, she was willing.

"I remember someone on Twitter saying please book Simphiwe Dana, then I was like please somebody book me for this gig," she said.

"I am quite happy, I do not need to be paid for it, is is the last thing I can do for mama that is within my power," she said.

Dana said Madikizela-Mandela should be the last woman to be persecuted for her strength.

"I do not know if I would wish Mama's life on anyone, I am hoping she will be the last woman to have to go through such persecution."

"I would love to take with me her sense of purpose and her sense of justice and strength."