18/04/2018 17:35 SAST | Updated 18/04/2018 17:35 SAST

Kim Kardashian And Chrissy Teigen Roast Kanye Hilariously

The friends had the funniest responses to West’s “get rid of everything” post.

Kanye West is currently on something of a Twitter tear.

The self-proclaimed "greatest living rock star on the planet" returned to the social media platform this week and immediately began offering loads of advice to fellow creatives.

But there was one post in particular that caused a buzz:

West's tweet followed some urging of creatives to "protect your ability to create at all cost" and to "try to avoid any contractual situation where you are held back from your ideas".

"Distraction is the enemy of vision," he added in another.

But taken out of context, the "get rid of everything" message could have been interpreted as West announcing his plan to divest himself of his family, too — a point that his wife, Kim Kardashian, appeared to pick up on.

She issued this joking response:

It wasn't long before Kardashian's pal Chrissy Teigen got involved, with this lighthearted offer of help:

To which Kardashian dragged Teigen's musician husband (and collaborator with West) John Legend into the mix:

Teigen later expanded on her offer:

West has not commented on his wife's posts, but Kardashian later appeared keen to explain that she was only joking:

But still, what did Kanye mean?