19/04/2018 07:26 SAST | Updated 20/04/2018 12:22 SAST

How Your Heart’s Taking A Beating From Your Holiday Binge Drinking

Yes, HHS or Holiday Heart Syndrome is a thing. A serious thing in fact – that makes your heart beat really fast as a result of excessive drinking.


There's a chance that you're harming your heart with holiday binge-drinking.

In a recent study, cardiologist, Dr. Stefan Brunner said: "We cannot yet conclude that a higher heart rate induced by alcohol is harmful. But people with heart conditions already have a higher heart rate, which in many cases triggers arrhythmias, including atrial fibrillation (afib). So it is plausible that the higher heart rate following alcohol consumption could lead to arrhythmias."

Have a look at how alcohol overconsumption affects your heart:

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Not only is overconsumption of alcohol bad for your heart, it could ruin your life, especially if you drink and drive. Diageo urges you to take the pledge to #DriveDry during the holiday season. You can visit @DriveDry on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and click to share your pledge.