19/04/2018 10:33 SAST | Updated 19/04/2018 11:43 SAST

Malema To AfriForum: 'Bring It On, Bloody Racists'

"You don't scare me at all," EFF leader says after AfriForum announces it will privately prosecute him for fraud and corruption.

Sumaya Hisham / Reuters

AfriForum announced on Thursday that it plans to prosecute EFF leader Julius Malema on charges of fraud and corruption. Minutes after the announcement was made, Malema took to Twitter and said this:

The announcement was made in Centurion by AfriForum's private-prosecution head, advocate Gerrie Nel, the man known as "Pit Bull" based on his record as a prosecutor.

Nel was quick to brush off Malema's comments, saying: "I will not get into a personal discussion with anyone that I have ever prosecuted. You will not find a personal comment against any accused I ever prosecuted."

I only do my job, I am a prosecutor and I look at the law and apply the law to the factsGerrie Nel

"From a prosecuting point of view, I will not respond to any one of those matters, even if they are very personal and challenging," Nel said.

POOL New / Reuters
Advocate Gerrie Nel.

AfriForum's legal team threatened court action against the EFF and its leader earlier this year, after Malema allegedly made racist remarks at a political gathering in March.

Malema reportedly said that "white people should be glad that the EFF did not call for a genocide".