20/04/2018 15:24 SAST | Updated 20/04/2018 15:24 SAST

Jacob Zuma Becomes A Father Again

Family member Ray Zuma confirmed to News24 that Zuma plans to wed Nonkanyiso Chonco, the mother of his latest child.

Rogan Ward / Reuters

A 24 year-old woman has given birth in a Durban hospital to a child believed to be fathered by Jacob Zuma, News24 reported on Friday.

According to the report, the former head of state is believed to have visited the baby under strict security on Thursday night. "They had to clear the maternity ward for other patients. Hospital staff made it clear that this was strictly confidential," a source with direct knowledge of the birth told News24.

Family member Ray Zuma confirmed to News24 that Zuma was going to wed the mother, Nonkanyiso Chonco. When News24 asked about the birth of the child, he responded: "I can't see why you are interested. When he was still the president, you [the media] were terrorising him, and now you are all of a sudden interested in him."

A report by Sowetan Live states that Chonco had been listed in hospital records‚ and that she confirmed on Friday that she was expected to become the Jacob Zuma's seventh wife‚ but abruptly ended the conversation when quizzed about the birth of her child.