20/04/2018 12:02 SAST | Updated 20/04/2018 13:12 SAST

Time's '100 Most Influential People': These Are The Africans On The List

South Africa's Elon Musk and Trevor Noah feature, as does Zimbabwe's president, Emmerson Mnangagwa 🇿🇦🇿🇼

Halala to Africa's most influential!

Time magazine describes its 2018 "100 Most Influential" list not as a measure of power or past achievements, but an indication of individuals whose time is now.

This year's list saw the publication ask an elite group of individuals to write brief stories about its top 100.

Elon Musk (who was born and raised in SA, so we're going to claim him), comic and "Daily Show" presenter Trevor Noah, and Zimbabwe's president Emmerson Mnangagwa were the only Africans to make the list.

Here's why we reckon they made the Time list:

Trevor Noah

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A fantastic storyteller, he has always been a defier of rules, which he broke simply by being born in his native country.Lupita Nyong'o

Noah's meteoric rise in the U.S. entertainment industry, from unknown SA stand-up to host of "The Daily Show" with a massive global following, certainly proves that his time is now.

He just launched his own Trevor Noah Foundation – a nonprofit that aims to equip orphans and vulnerable young people with education, life skills, and social capital, to allow them to go further in life.

He has his own biopic on the way: "Born A Crime" — the title he used for a stand-up comedy show and his autobiography.

The film will be directed by South African-born director Liesl Tommy, and Lupita Nyong'o will star as his mother. It will bring to the big screen the story of his "illegal" origins under apartheid – the son of a Swiss father and isiXhosa mum whose relationship was against the law – and his life growing up as a "coloured" South African.

Noah won the 2017 MTV Movie and TV Award for Best Host, and also starred in Jay-Z's documentary "Footnotes: The Story of OJ", which was released with his latest album, "4:44".

Elon Musk

Danny Moloshok / Reuters

Suppose that in the year 3000, TIME publishes the 100 most influential people of the millennium. Who from our generation would make the list? Elon Musk has a shot.Yuri Milner

The world's most famous inventor – born in South Africa, where he lived till the age of 17. Entrepreneur, innovator, inventor, activist and founder of PayPal, SpaceX, Tesla and OpenAI, Elon Musk is changing the world with his inventions.

He is also a popular figure on social media, because he takes to Twitter publicise his latest cool stunt or brilliant idea.

The amazing things he's done include:

1. Sent car into space

2. Unveiled world's fastest electric production car

In 2017 Musk introduced the Tesla Roadster, which he called the fastest electric production car in the world. The base model will go from zero to 100kph in 1.9 seconds, making it the first to hit that mark in less than two seconds, and from zero to 160kph in 4.2 seconds, making it the fastest in that category as well, Musk said.

3. Planned a city on Mars

Over time, Mars will be terraformed, Musk insists, "making it really a nice place to be". He also plans to have rockets refuel in space for trips to the moon, so a lunar base will not need to store a supply of fuel.

Emmerson Mnangagwa

Denis Balibouse / Reuters

The elation that greeted the end of Robert Mugabe's 37-year reign naturally enough transformed into hope for his successor. And in his first 100 days, Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa spoke of re-engaging, forgiveness, democracy and unity. Evan Mawarire

From being expelled to being sworn in as Zimbabwe's president,Mnangagwa had one hell of a year in 2017.

Taking his oath of office, the 75-year-old former security chief known as "The Crocodile" vowed to uphold the constitution of the former British colony, and protect the rights of all Zimbabwe's 16-million citizens.

Mugabe described him as a man who does not forgive or forget very easily – but we will have to wait and see how Mnangagwa's term will turn out.