23/04/2018 18:05 SAST | Updated 08/05/2018 16:40 SAST

19 Funny Mother's Day Cards For Your Foul-Mouthed Mom

“Thanks for all the shit haircuts.”

If your mom is the queen of dropping f-bombs, she deserves a Mother’s Day card that’s as foul-mouthed as she is. 

Mother’s Day is almost here ― it’s May 13 ― so make sure you’re prepared. Though there are gifts you can order now ahead of time, you can’t underestimate the power of an honest AF Mother’s Day card, too.

Below, 19 perfect cards for your foul-mouthed mama: 

  • 1Sorry For Swearing
    Sorry For Swearing
    Etsy // CypressCardCo
    Get it here
  • 2Bad Ass Mama
    Bad Ass Mama
    Etsy // fiveblessings
    Get it here
  • 3Loin Fruit
    Loin Fruit
    Etsy // witandwhistle
    Get it here
  • 4Proper Fucking Lady
    Proper Fucking Lady
    Etsy // TopHatAndMonocle
    Get it here
  • 5Thanks For All The Shit Haircuts
    Thanks For All The Shit Haircuts
    Etsy // yousaiditcards
    Get it here
  • 6Moms Are Like Buttons
    Moms Are Like Buttons
    Etsy // OneLittleChickadeeCo
    Get it here
  • 7Lady Bits
    Lady Bits
    Get it here
  • 8Like Mother, Like Son
    Like Mother, Like Son
    Etsy // LukannaDesigns
    Get it here
  • 9Mum, You Are The Breast
    Mum, You Are The Breast
    Etsy // StudioBoketto
    Get it here
  • 10Sorry For Ruining Your Nether Regions
    Sorry For Ruining Your Nether Regions
    Etsy // RachelHaleyDesign
    Get it here
  • 11This Mothering Shit Is Hard
    This Mothering Shit Is Hard
    Etsy // InANutshellStudio
    Get it here
  • 12Real Moms Drop F-Bombs
    Real Moms Drop F-Bombs
    Etsy // grapestreetgreetings
    Get it here
  • 13Thanks For Always Handling My Crap
    Thanks For Always Handling My Crap
    Etsy // BEpaperie
    Get it here
  • 14Sorry I Wrecked Your Vagina
    Sorry I Wrecked Your Vagina
    Etsy // ApparentlyAshley
    Get it here
  • 15Thanks For Not Telling Dad
    Thanks For Not Telling Dad
    Etsy // SmartyBants
    Get it here
  • 16Sorry I Swear So Much
    Sorry I Swear So Much
    Get it here
  • 17Amazing Mothers Day
    Amazing Mothers Day
    Etsy // DaviePaperCo
    Get it here
  • 18You Rock The Shit Out Of Motherhood
    You Rock The Shit Out Of Motherhood
    Etsy // KissMyCard
    Get it here
  • 19Sorry For All The Shit I Put You Through
    Sorry For All The Shit I Put You Through
    Etsy // HonestAFCards
    Get it here

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