24/04/2018 12:19 SAST | Updated 24/04/2018 13:13 SAST

These Old TV Show Theme Songs Will Warm Your Heart

And have you going down memory lane... if you're old enough😂.


There are some TV-show theme songs that resonate with us long after the show has ended. Some lyrics, we can sing out even in our sleep; "Like sands through the hourglass..."; "Kumnandi emzini wezintsizwa..." and you're are probably singing the rest of it right now.

Some shows we watched them on a regular only because our grandparents, or parents watched them – and each time we come across them now, we reminisce.

So today, we treat you to a singalong journey of some of the classics. Be warned, though: these could get stuck in your head all day.


This one is no surprise. It premiered on SABC1 in 1994, but in 2007 ditched the original Jonas Gwangwa composition in favour of Mandla "Spikiri" Mofokeng's new theme. This one will have you dancing along.

"Emzini Wezinsizwa"

This sitcom was broadcast on SABC1 between 1994 and 2004 – featuring the the antics of five adult males living in a Johannesburg hostel while they earn a living. They lived in Room 8.

"The Bold And The Beautiful" and "Days of Our Lives"

These two will remind you of the moms and grannies who never miss them.

The theme song for "The Bold" was written by David Kurtz and Jack Allocco, and features a prominent saxophone sample by Eric Marienthal.

For "Days", the theme was composed by Charles Albertine, Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart. It has only been modified a few times since the show began in 1972 – for instance in 1993, when the opening titles were updated with computerised visuals.

"Shaka Zulu"

The drama series directed by Bill Faure about the legendary Zulu king Shaka three decades ago raises eyebrows today, because it was such a "white 1980s" version of African history. However, no one has ever thrown "problematic" accusations at the theme song, "We Are Growing", sung by Margaret Singana. "Bom bom bom bom bom..." we used to sing along...

And for all the eighties and ninties kids, lets see if these ring a bell:

"YO-TV Disney's Cartoon Café Intro"

"SABC 2 Tube Kids Intro"

"The KTV Theme Song"

Here are a few more to get you nostalgic and chuckling:

"Ubambo Lwami"


"Sgudi Snayisi"

The years have sure flown by, haven't they?