24/04/2018 06:23 SAST | Updated 24/04/2018 06:23 SAST

TV: 'Wedding Bashers' Is Coming Back -- To Make A Difference

Here are all the details.


The second season of M-Net's "Wedding Bashers" is on its way to a TV near you. As of this Sunday from 6pm, viewers will be treated to a new format of the show, which will air over four weeks.

The episodes follow the bashers as they plan weddings of couples in need.

According to executive producer Gavi Wratten, the new format was inspired by the winners of the competition during season one.

"After they were announced as winners, Taryn and Franco remarked how they would like to share some of their winnings with friends of theirs who had gone through a bad patch and, as a result, were struggling to have the wedding of their dreams.

"It was from that moment that we thought, surely we could do something to help? We then sent out a call to other couples who were in need of help to get their perfect wedding and, just like that, the giveback weddings mini-series was born," Wratten said during a press briefing at the Legends Golf and Safari Resort in Limpopo.

Four couples were then selected and the four bashers will help to plan their weddings based on their wishlists.

The show will air from this Sunday at 6pm on M-Net. It will have 17 episodes and each episode will only feature one wedding, unlike the two weddings per episode format from season one.

After the four episodes conclude, season two of "My Kitchen Rules" will return and only after that will the usual format of the "Wedding Bashers" return in its 5pm slot.

Also joining the bashers this season is chef Zola Nene who'll be the food police, as well as Bernelee Daniell who will make sure the fashion is up to standard.

Media personality Denise Zimba returns for season two to judge the entertainment value of each wedding, while celebrity wedding planner Zavion Kotze will check out the decor.

Wratten said the chosen couples all had interesting stories that they could not ignore.

"We have a couple that lost everything in the Knysna fires. The only thing they'd managed to save was the wife's wedding ring. So we came in and gave them a wedding set-up to renew their vows. Another couple wrote to us because their child had been quite sickly and in and out of hospital, which ate into their wedding budget and they needed help. So all these stories touched us in a special way. It's been beautiful to create," he said.