11/05/2018 15:09 SAST | Updated 11/05/2018 15:19 SAST

Women's Tribute To Domestic Worker: 'This Is One Of My Mothers'

Kyla Mills' Facebook post will have you in tears.

Ma Lina and Kyla Mills.
Ma Lina and Kyla Mills.

Kyla Mills' tribute to the domestic worker who used to work for her family when she was growing up is something out of the ordinary.

She took to Facebook to acknowledge the impact that a women she refers to as Ma Lina has had in her life, and the sacrifices she made during the 28 years she worked for Mills' family.

Her post was prompted by a Facebook group chat about wages. According to Mills, domestic workers must not be paid only R20 per hour, based on the hard work they do.

"We can all afford to treat our employees with dignity, kindness and respect. It must be heartbreaking to arrive at a nice suburban house and get on your knees to be able to put food on your table," Mills said in the post.

Ma Lina knew I was a girl before my parents did. She knew because she loved me even then.

She went on to speak about the bond she has with Ma Lina and the extent at which she cared for here family.

"This is one of my mothers. Ma Lina knew I was a girl before my parents did. She knew because she loved me even then. She'd given her heart away to my brother and patiently waited for her next child from another woman," Mills said in the post.

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She explains how Ma Lina barely spent time with her own family.

"Ma Lina lived with us. Her son, Lucas, and the niece she was raising, Dipuo, lived in a township. Growing up I seldom thought about who was bathing and feeding them, while Ma was doing that and more for us."

That is why she returned the favour by adopting Dipuo's child when Dipuo passed away.

"How do you repay someone who spent about 90 percent of her childhood knowing her mother was away from her, raising you? (My boy, Itu, is 18 years old now and becoming more of a man every day, despite having an absent father)."

The post has so far received over 13,000 shares and 29,000 likes.

Another heartwarming tribute to domestic workers is being produced in the form of a movie. Silver Bullet Film is celebrating Mother's Day by telling the story of domestic worker Margaret Bogopa Matlala.

Matlala worked for director Diana Keam's family and practically raised her.

Keam looks at the sacrifices Matlala made for her family in the documentary "Don't Be Late For My Funeral".