17/05/2018 11:53 SAST | Updated 25/05/2018 14:03 SAST

8 Addictive Series You Need To Watch Next

Add these moreish shows to your binge-watch list.

The Crossing comes first and only to Showmax. (ABC/Jack Rowand)
The Crossing comes first and only to Showmax. (ABC/Jack Rowand)

What do you mean, you don't have a Google Doc that you share with your partner or digsmates that contains an ever-growing list of all the series you plan to binge on the next time you've got a free weekend?

Okay, so maybe you're not quite that organised - but like the rest of us who have replaced our former hobbies with a serious internet TV habit, you're always on the lookout for your next series fix, right?

Here are 8 of the most bingeable shows on internet TV at the moment.

1. The Crossing

This brand-new series just launched on Showmax, and is currently making waves in the States. From the same people who brought us Lost, The Crossing is about a boatload of refugees that land on the beach of an American fishing town.

But here's the (first) twist - the refugees, too, are American, and they're fleeing a war ... that is taking place 180 years in the future. How will the townsfolk treat these strange new arrivals, who are so much like them, and yet so different?

The first six episodes are now available, so get bingeing - and once you're hooked, you'll be relieved to know that the next three episodes land on 1 June, with the final two episodes coming to your screen express from the US broadcast. Watch now »

2. HBO's Animals, S1-2

This is the best adult animation you've never heard of. It centers on the lives of the critters living in New York City. From rats with broken hearts to gender-questioning pigeons to bed bugs going through midlife crises, these animals' issues are no laughing matter.

But the series itself is filthy and darkly hilarious and features the voice talents of Hollywood's funniest men and women, including Fred Armisen, Alia Shawkat, Paul Rust, Jonah Hill, Molly Shannon, and the list goes on. Watch now »

3. Younger, S1-4

Seasons 1 to 4 of this whirlwind rom-com are ready for you to binge - and because each episode is only 20 minutes long, you'll find yourself whizzing through the entire show in the space of a day.

It was created by Darren Starr, who brought us Sex and the City (which also belongs on that Google Doc, btw - though it'll take you a bit longer to get through the boxset of the classic HBO series), and follows 40-year-old Liza Miller, who is thrust back into the world of work for the first time since her early 20s when she leaves her husband. She ends up in Brooklyn, where her friend Maggie convinces her to pretend she's 26 so that she can land her dream job in publishing.

And, of course, her life snowballs until she's sleeping with a sexy 20-something tattoo artist and getting closer to her much younger colleagues. At what point will it be too late for her to tell them the truth? We particularly love the hilariously hipster outfits paraded by Liza and her colleague Kelsey (Hillary Duff). Watch now »

4. Bosch, S1-4

Bestselling author Michael Connelly created LAPD homicide detective Hieronymus "Harry" Bosch in his hugely popular novels, and the books were adapted for TV by Eric Overmyer.

Titus Welliver plays Bosch in this gripping crime series. and we've never met a cop we've loved more. Bosch is tight-lipped and a bit of a rogue as he pursues some of the most twisted killers we've ever seen on screen - from the person who killed a 12-year-old boy and buried him in a shallow grave in the Hollywood hills to the assassin who murders a lawyer just as he's about to brings a civil case against the LAPD.

Critics rave about this show, which draws heavily on the aesthetic of California noir. It's a slow burn - give it a few episodes and you'll soon be a Bosch acolyte. Watch now »


If you love Shameless, this is the next best show for you. SMILF is a darkly funny look at the struggles of single motherhood, especially when, like Bridgette Bird, you're in your 20s and still have needs. Such as the need to have sex. Even if you're currently sharing your friend's fold-down couch with your three-year-old son and the person you're having sex with is your high school flame and the only reason you're sleeping with him is to find out if your lady bits are still as attractive as they used to be before you had a kid.

And, tbh, this is probably the least cringe-worthy sex scene in the whole show. Though it has its rough moments, SMILF also tackles mental illness and eating disorders and American poverty and the blithe crassness of extreme wealth more boldly than we've ever seen on TV.

Starring writer, director, creator and producer Frankie Shaw as Bridgette and Rosie O'Donnell as her tough but loving mother. Watch now »

6. Marvel's Runaways

When six extraordinary teens discover that their parents belong to an evil organisation that occasionally engages in human sacrifice, they band together to stop them. This Marvel series is the perfect cure for the Sunday blues - it's another series you'll fly through, so to speak.

Two of the things we find most interesting about the show is that it features the first ever female-dominated superhero team to be seen on screen, and there are some really sweet, awkward, romantic vibes going on between two of the girls in the group. None of these kids is what they seem - the jock is the smartest of them all, and the fierce feminist has a major crush on him. If you're a comic book fanatic who loves supernatural special effects, slick production quality and characters who are richly imagined and full of contradictions, then Marvel's Runaways is your next binge for sure. Watch now »

7. Survivor, S32

This season of Survivor has never been seen before in South Africa, and it's an absolute must-watch. It features the most medical evacuations of any season (the contestants start getting picked off one by one by Mother Nature surprisingly quickly - this Cambodian island of Kaoh Rong is no picnic, seriously) and for the first time, two Immunity Idols can be joined to form a Super Idol. This means that alliances are more important than ever.

Initially, the castaways are divided into three tribes based on their dominant attribute - Brains, Brawn and Beauty. But when the tribes merge, all bets are off, and it quickly becomes clear that every contestant has craftiness, strength and attractiveness in spades. We'd never binged on Survivor before this season, and trust us - you'll want to clear your diary for an entire weekend. Watch now »

8. HBO's The Wire, S1-5

This series about the war between cops and drug rings in the city of Baltimore has been hailed by critics as one of the greatest TV shows of all time. But, according to its co-creator David Simon, The Wire is not a cop show - in fact, it's a "horror show". This is not a series to watch when you're down in the dumps, and, quite frankly, it'll probably break your heart. But if you haven't seen it, then you haven't really ever watched TV.

Starring Dominic West, Idris Elba, Michael K Williams, and a cast of real-life drug addicts and dealers, it's written in part by Ed Burns, a teacher-turned-cop IRL, so you know it's authentic. Watch all five seasons now »

You can binge on all of these series on Showmax.

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