17/05/2018 14:34 SAST | Updated 17/05/2018 14:53 SAST

Former Mexican President Warns Donald Trump: 'You've Got To Get Your Sh*t Together'

“You must show compassion and humanity,” Vicente Fox admonished Trump, after the U.S. president calls immigrants “animals”.

Former Mexican president Vicente Fox issued a cutting rejoinder to Donald Trump on Wednesday night, after the U.S. president angrily called immigrants "animals".

Fox used Twitter to hit back after Trump's anti-immigration rant during a White House meeting with California leaders.

"You've got to get your sh*t together," Fox tweeted at Trump.

"Migrants are people who have left everything behind — not by choice, to pursue a better life," Fox added. "You must show compassion and humanity. Your golden head and a #F**kingWall won't stop these people's dreams and hopes."

Fox has repeatedly criticised Trump over his ludicrous campaign promise to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border and "force Mexico to pay for it". In April, he promoted a T-shirt portraying Trump as a baby constructing a wall from toy bricks.

The garment's caption read, "Can't Build A Wall If Your Hands Are Too Small."

Fox has also previously suggested that mass shootings are "what you get" when such violent and aggressive language comes out of the White House.