17/05/2018 07:21 SAST | Updated 17/05/2018 07:21 SAST

Mduduzi Manana Lays Perjury Charges Against Former Domestic Worker

ANC MP Mduduzi Manana says there is an independent witness that will prove Christine Wiro was lying.

Mduduzi Manana (33) at the Randburg Magistrate'€™s Court on August 10, 2017.
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Mduduzi Manana (33) at the Randburg Magistrate'€™s Court on August 10, 2017.

ANC MP and former deputy minister of higher education Mduduzi Manana has laid charges of perjury against his former domestic worker, Christine Wiro, Eyewitness News (EWN) reported.

Wiro reportedly accused Manana of pushing her down the stairs over a week ago, but she dropped the charges. An audio recording later emerged where Manana appeared to offer Wiro R100 000 to drop the case, but he said this was further proof that Wiro had tried to use the allegations to extort money from him.

Manana reportedly said he and Wiro had argued because she had opened the door for a guest without his permission, and denied assaulting him.

Now, police have reportedly confirmed that he has accused her of perjury.

TimesLive previously reported that, according to Manana, Wiro tried to extort him for R100000 by "capitalising" on his previous assault conviction. He was caught on film assaulting a woman at Cubana nightclub in Fourways last August.

"I wish to place on record that since the case assault which was levelled against me and for which I pleaded guilty‚ there [have] been desperate attempts to discredit and tarnish my name. This deliberate ploy is to use assault as a permanent stigma attached to me by my detractors whom I believe had a major influence in her opening the case and giving her access to the media community‚" Manana reportedly said at the time.

Meanwhile, the DA has laid charges of bribery, extortion and corruption against Manana.

On Wednesday, Manana's lawyers reportedly wrote to the Douglasdale police station saying that he wants his day in court, according to TimesLive.

The letter reportedly states:

"We refer to the above matter reported at the Douglasdale police station on 14 May 2018 ... (the perjury complaint). We confirm that we act on behalf of Mr Mduduzi Manana at whose instance we address this letter. Following the allegations made under oath by Ms Catherine Wiro on Saturday, 6 May 2018, our client, on our advice, reported a case of perjury against Ms Wiro on 14 May 2018 at the Douglasdale police station.

"The case of perjury reported by our client is corroborated by an independent witness who was Mr Manana's guest at his home on 6 May 2018. The said independent witness not only provided a statement in the perjury case reported by Mr Manana, but also provided a statement in the case reported by Ms Wiro.

"In our client's affidavit he alleges that the statement by Ms Wiro is false and, as a result, Ms Wiro committed perjury.

"The purpose of this letter is to follow up on the progress made in respect of the investigation ... Our client therefore, is keen to have his day in court and would request that this matter be investigated by the SAPS in order that our client's version of events can be tested in a court of law."