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Step Into Your Child's Shoes And Try To Answer These 6 Exam Questions

Can you get full marks on these questions for 11-year-olds? 📝

The team at Explore Learning sent HuffPost UK six previous questions that have previously appeared on actual SATs exams. How many can you answer correctly?

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1. Change the question below into a command.

Can you pass me the salt?

2. Which is the correct plural to complete the sentence below?

Both of the ______ climbed up on to the roof.

:: workman

:: workmens

:: workmans

:: workmen

3. What are the adverbs in the sentences below?

It was the scariest film she had ever seen.

He threw his new toys carelessly into the box.

They play football there.

4. A garden pond has a diameter of 1.9m. What is the radius of the garden pond?

5. Write three factors of 36 that are not factors of 18.

6. A bag contains 726 grams of flour. A chef uses half a kilogram. How much flour is left?

Answers below the picture.

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1. 'Pass me the salt.' or 'Pass me the salt!'

2. Workmen

3. Ever, carelessly and there

4. 95cm

5. 4, 12, 36

6. 226g or 0.226kg

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