23/05/2018 13:34 SAST | Updated 23/05/2018 13:34 SAST

New Series On Precolonial African Kingdoms To Hit Our Screens

The new series is dubbed the African "Game Of Thrones" by the production company.

'Shaka-Ilembe' executive producer Teboho Mahlatsi.
'Shaka-Ilembe' executive producer Teboho Mahlatsi.

Following the success of Marvel's "Black Panther", South Africa's The Bomb Productions is working on a 12-part series on precolonial kingdoms and characters that had an influence on "the black Napoleon", Shaka Zulu.

"Shaka-Ilembe" already has three planned seasons and has been created by M-Net specifically with an eye to global distribution.

The drama series will also introduce the chiefdoms of the AmaThethwa, the AmaNdwandwe, AmaQwabe, AmaHlubi and others — all of which were important in the rise of Shaka as ruler.

The new series is dubbed the African"Game Of Thrones"by the production company.

"With ambitions of making a series as epic and vast as 'Game Of Thrones', we want to tell the story of the Nguni peoples who migrated to below the Pongola river and ruled over this verdant land," executive producer Teboho Mahlatsi.

The team behind Shaka-Ilembe is said to be vast, including historians, traditional leaders, oral custodians and royal advisors, to ensure that the story is told appropriately.

The series is expected to air on Mzansi Magic.