24/05/2018 16:34 SAST | Updated 25/05/2018 11:16 SAST

5 Things We Learned About Sexual Exploration From Watching SNCTM

Going into one of Hollywood’s most exclusive, high-end erotic private clubs SNCTM, where members explore their wildest sexual fantasies, comes at a hefty price. For those adventurous enough, it also comes with some interesting lessons.


Studies have shown that while there are risks involved, there are also major benefits in store for couples that share their sexual fantasies. We took a sneak peek into one of Showmax's latest documentary additions, Naked SNCTM, an eight-part series exploring the place where those who can afford the hefty membership (and who make the cut) go to unleash their sexual fantasies and fetishes. As SNCTM owner, Damon Lawner tells ones of his guest couples: "There's nothing quite like what you're about to experience here."

Here's what we learned about couples that indulge their sexual fantasies.

1. It's important who you do it with

5 Things We Learned About Sexual Exploration From Watching

For those who take the risk of exploring their fetishes and sexual fantasies, it matters where this is done and it matters even more who else is in the crowd. In Naked SNCTM, we are shown how Damon and his team handpick the guests and performers they allow into the elite LA-based club - "an environment of exalted adult freedoms, a bona fide sensual utopia".

When you dive deeper into what actually goes down (and up!) in the club, you see how fellow guests and staff could be the make or break of the club, as well as the entire experience for all parties involved. One potential member mentions how he wants the right setting and wants to be comfortable with people around him. Another guest mentions that it's important that the people there are "classy, sophisticated – and attractive."

2. It's not just about sex - it's sensual too

5 Things We Learned About Sexual Exploration From Watching

The series begins with Damon explaining how the SNCTM events, particularly the masquerade soirées, are experiences that are carefully curated to indulge all the guests' senses. A soirée involves masks, fine dining (whipped up by a sexy French chef), erotic theatre performances by the devotees and ends in touchy-feely boundary-breaking group sex sessions, which is entirely optional – some guests prefer to be voyeurs.

3. Spirituality matters

5 Things We Learned About Sexual Exploration From Watching

In one of the episodes, Damon takes the SNCTM team on a road trip to see a shaman (what we call a sangoma). The idea is to explore themselves outside their comfort zones "to open up parts of ourselves that we didn't know are there".

Here we learn how we all have everyday stresses that clog up our sexual energies and how tuning into our spirituality and clearing our spiritual space can liberate our sexual energies. Even the biggest prude can appreciate that!

4. There is a price to pay for "going there"

5 Things We Learned About Sexual Exploration From Watching

At SNCTM, honesty between couples is a requirement and having fun is key. Right from the beginning, you see how crucial discretion is, hence the vigorous application process and VIP annual membership fee of $100 000!

We're given a sneak peek into what the value of that steep membership fee is in an episode involving a couple who get a private erotic party (with a surrealistic circus theme) curated for them.

Unfortunately, it takes just one party not playing by the rules to burst everyone's sexual fantasy bubbles. In the case of SNCTM, a public spat involving another member, who vocalised his opposition to the Naked SNCTM series, could cost them reputational damage - particularly with their high-profile members who don't want to be exposed.

We're pretty sure the viewers of Naked SNCTM are not complaining.

5. You have to play by the rules

5 Things We Learned About Sexual Exploration From Watching

The only rule is that everything is consensual. Damon tells his members, "you'll see a lot of naked people and erotic things happening in the club but that is not an invitation unless you get permission". For Damon, this is the foundation of any sexual fantasy act. The rules don't take the fun away: they are there to ensure that all parties are comfortable to explore.

Boost your viewing pleasure and indulge your curiosity with uninterrupted episodes of Naked SNCTM now – for adults only!