25/05/2018 11:37 SAST | Updated 25/05/2018 11:40 SAST

Khaya Mthethwa's Twitter Storm: Just In Time For Video Release!

A Twitter furore got folks talking about the gospel singer just as his video for 'Mkhul'umsebenzi' drops. But he was just asking, right?

Khaya Mthethwa.
Khaya Mthethwa.

"Idols SA" winner, pastor and gospel singer Khaya Mthethwa will release the music video to his latest single, "Mkhul'umsebenzi" this weekend.

Khaya released the song with the worship team from Oasis Ministries, a church he leads with his father in Durban.

And in what we're sure is a completely unrelated event, Khaya seems to once again have put his foot in it on Twitter.

This time, he needed tweeps to help him clarify the protocol regarding Uber drivers:

Many offered suggestions and responses.

But it was TV show creator Portia Gumede who went for the jugular, subtweeting Khaya in a way that got the "laughing tears" emoji flying as fast as the "flames"...

He was not about to go away, though. Khaya clarified that he'd greeted the driver, but he was not greeted back.

He also shared a rather unusual experience.

To which an official from Uber responded:

Khaya is no stranger to getting controversial conversations going on the app.

In February last year, he set Twitter afire when he asked on his timeline: