31/05/2018 06:05 SAST

SWIFTSA's #ThatsNotOk Videos Help Women In Film And TV Fight Sexual Misconduct

'Black and Blue' campaign on social media aims to educate viewers on all forms of inappropriate sexual behaviour – especially grey areas predators exploit.

Sisters Working in Film and Television (SWIFTSA) on Wednesday evening launched the video series for their #That'sNotOkay campaign against sexual violence and inappropriate sexual behaviour — which aims especially to educate women in their industry about the "grey areas" that can be exploited by predators.

"Our plan is to paint Facebook black and blue — those two colours also have connotation when it comes to... violence against women in general," SWIFTSA volunteer Nelisa Ngcobo said. Viewers can find these videos on the SWIFTSA Instagram and Twitter pages.

The campaign ties in with a hashtag on social media — #ThatsNotOk — that addresses the sexual abuse that women in the film and television industry face on a daily basis.

Many have rallied to the call, following allegations against filmmaker Khalo Matabane, who has been accused of sexually assaulting women.

Ngcobo says the short clips are meant to educate people about harassment.

"It is a video series of short films to educate people on what sexual harassment is — but specifically the grey areas," she said, emphasising that most women could identify a clear violation like rape, but other more subtle and insidious forms of sexual harassment are often harder to pinpoint.

Which is, of course, what many sexual predators count on — and what the SWIFTSA volunteers hope to combat with their #ThatsNotOk videos.