04/06/2018 06:06 SAST | Updated 04/06/2018 06:07 SAST

Parents Are Sharing Kid Vocabulary That Is Much Better Than The Actual Words We Use

Cartwheel = Starfish Circle

Has your child ever not known the word for something, and come up with their own totally brilliant version instead? One woman has sparked a group of parents sharing these wonderful expressions, after explaining that her friend's five-year-old referred to a crow as a "Halloween eagle" (which we're totally here for, by the way).

Tessa Dare's tweet from May 30 saw hundreds of responses from parents giving examples of words that, if we're honest, are much better than the originals.

Here are a few of our favourites:

Rhino = Battle Unicorn

Sheets = Bed Skins

Earmuffs = Snow Headphones

Gloves = Hand Socks

Cartwheel = Starfish Circle

Ravioli = Pasta Pockets

Vultures = Flamingo Witches

Dreams = The Stories In My Eyes

Frisbee = Dog Catcher

Any more from any kids you know? Let us know in the comments below!

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