07/06/2018 13:28 SAST | Updated 07/06/2018 13:28 SAST

5 Of The Hottest Gadgets To Get You Geared Up For The World Cup

What’s a football world cup watching experience without some cool gadgets to ramp up the screen action?

Are you ready for the 2018 FIFA World Cup?
Are you ready for the 2018 FIFA World Cup?

It's almost world cup season and if you're not in Russia for the action, you may want to get set up with some of the best in audio and visual experiences. Here's our pick of top 5 hottest gadgets this year:

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1. Every slick TV deserves a decent soundbar

Gone are the days of having many small speakers to create surround sound for your TV. Enter the Soundbar! This is a slick-looking thin 'speaker' made up of multiple speakers that point in different positions to create the sense of surround sound. Perfect for a loaded football viewing (listening) experience.

2. Ear-candy for the win

The frenzy around the football world cup has been known to inspire fitness and exercise. If you're looking to pump yourself up during a workout, nothing beats a good pair of earphones. Get the kind that comfortably fit your ears without the buds slipping out – that could quickly kill your vibe.

3. Dynamic sound comes in small packages

Sometimes you just want to watch a game of football and listen to your fave tunes at the same time. This is a perfect solution for that – you not only get a solid sound but you can also move it around, in case the party moves outside or to the next room.

4. Just call me 'Barista'

You know you've got it when the only thing your guests ask for is a cup of coffee. Impress them with a premium cup of coffee using an automatic coffee machine. Don't be surprised when the conversation starts to center around good coffee.

5. The age of spectacular television experiences

Welcome to 2018 where a giant TV can roll out of an enclosure like credits rolling at the end of a movie. Come on... Isn't that just the most spectacular thing you've heard of this year?! Who wouldn't want to be completely mesmerised by a before, during and after TV watching experience? We don't have the LG rollable TV in SA yet but you can get ready with an equally mesmerising LG OLED TV.

Get a load of these impressive gadgets and be well-equipped for the World Cup action.