15/06/2018 15:18 SAST | Updated 15/06/2018 15:18 SAST

What People Think Of AKA's 'Touch My Blood' So Far

The album, his fourth offering in just three years, is also his last.

AKA/ Instagram

AKA released what he has called his "most vulnerable" album to date on Friday, and if the reactions are anything to go by, "Touch My Blood" has hit the right note with his fans.

In a previous interview with HuffPost, AKA said he wanted the album to reflect the happier and more positive space he was in.

"It's called 'Touch My Blood' because I want people to understand my growth and to feel what kind of trials and tribulations I have been through. I also wanted people to feel and connect with the music. My happiness and growth will really come through in the music," he told HuffPost.

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Prior to the release of the album, AKA announced that "Touch My Blood", his fourth offering in just three years, would be his last album, citing other business ventures as the reason.

Reacting to the album, his fans gave it the thumbs up.

Not everyone sang its praises though.

The album is available at all music stores and on digital platforms.