21/06/2018 11:09 SAST | Updated 21/06/2018 11:09 SAST

Colombia Fans Sneak Alcohol Into Stadium By Cheekily Hiding It In Binoculars 🇨🇴


They say victory tastes sweet when your team wins — but some Colombian fans didn't even let defeat stop them going "loco". They found a sneaky way to bring alcohol into the stadium...

During the World Cup match between Colombia and Japan in the Mordovia Stadium — which the South Americans lost — Colombian fans at least got to drown their sorrows, thanks to pairs of binoculars filled with liquor.

Although alcohol is not prohibited at World Cup matches, fans can only enjoy the "beer" of sponsor Budweiser. The South American die-hards were obviously in need of something a little stronger to endure the 1-2 defeat.

Unlike the party-animal Colombians, though, the Japanese fans followed the example set by Senegal's followers a few days ago — they stayed behind to clean up the stadium.

Perhaps the Colombians need to learn the first lesson in illicit substance use: Keep it tidy...