22/06/2018 12:44 SAST | Updated 22/06/2018 12:44 SAST

Lasizwe And Jay Versace -- Who's Copying Who? 👀 👀

Local boy accused of being a content thief.

Lasizwe/Jay via Instagram

Every once in a while, South African and American Twitter meet and when they do, things often end up being messy.

South African entertainer Lasizwe and American vine star Jay Versace got into a little "disagreement" on Thursday after Jay accused Lasizwe of copying his content.

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It all started when Lasizwe tweeted this video:

Jay wasted no time accusing Lasizwe of copying "everything" he does:

But Lasizwe hit back also adding that he was flattered that Jay follows his videos:

And it was not over yet:

People soon pointed out that Lasizwe's video shared similarities with a video Jay had posted a month ago:

Twitter was split on which side to take. Others defended the 19-year-old:

Some further accused him of stealing their ideas:

NOTE: Lasizwe has been asked that questions be emailed to him. He'd not responded at the time of publishing.