26/06/2018 06:42 SAST | Updated 26/06/2018 06:42 SAST

Malema Says It Again: 'Majority Of Indians ARE Racist'

"If you are Indian and you are racist you know we are talking to you. That's why you get angry."

Julius Malema.
CHARL DEVENISH via Getty Images
Julius Malema.

EFF leader Julius Malema is standing his ground regarding his views that Indians are racists. Outside the Newcastle Magistrates Court on Monday, Malema repeated his remarks that "the majority of Indians are racist", according to Times Select.

Malema was appearing in court after contravening the Riotous Assemblies Act following his calls for black people to occupy land illegally. Malema is reportedly challenging the constitutionality of the act, and the matter was postponed on Monday.

Outside court, Malema reportedly said, "When I said: 'Occupy a beautiful piece of land if you see it', I was repeating what is in the Freedom Charter. This act [Riotous Assemblies Act] was used by apartheid. We must know that nothing has changed and things remain the way they are."

"Indeed, the majority of Indians are racist. We did not say all Indians are racist. If you are Indian and you are racist you know we are talking to you. That's why you get angry," he reportedly said.

Malema also lashed out at the way black people are perceived when they talk about racism. According to News24, he called some black journalists house n****rs.

"You know why [they are critical], because [they believe] Africans can't think unless they have something to hide. That's how they view us, including these journalists, who are Indian, who are white, and including some of the house n****rs."

At the EFF's birthday celebrations earlier this month, Malema said the majority of Indians were racist.

According to City Press, he said, "want to give you two examples of why I say the majority of Indians are racist: If you check the marriage rate between Indians and Africans, it is extremely low. Africans and Indians do not marry each other because the majority of those Indians see us as subhuman."