28/06/2018 13:41 SAST | Updated 28/06/2018 13:41 SAST

It's Ntando Duma's Baby, Sbahle Mzizi's First Birthday

Broody yet? You're not the only one.

Sbahle Mzizi.
Sbahle Mzizi.

Ntando Duma and Junior De Rocka's baby girl, Sbahle Mzizi, is celebrating her first birthday (on June 28), and she could not be any cuter.

Both parents took to Instagram to wish her well — and to express how proud they are to have... well, made her.

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Sbahle, who is also "active" on Instagram, had more than 32,000 followers on the app even before she was born. She is currently at >129,000 followers.

According to her bio, Sbahle, which loosely translated from isiZulu means "we are beautiful", is "daddy's fav girl, mommy's little princess and a future president".

In a lengthy Instagram post, Ntando said Sbahle is the reason she works hard.

"Watching you grow up has been such a blessing! So much joy, [a] lot of impact and plenty of stress. Above it all though, raising an intelligent little human who's as bubbly and beautiful has been the most meaningful part of my life.

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"You are unbelievably precious! The day you were born was the greatest moment of my life. I am so grateful that I have a daughter as beautiful, happy, smart and fun as you. I never knew I could love something so much, but the day you came into my life I was overwhelmed by all the love I had for you. Thank you for showing me how wonderful being a parent is," her post read.

De Rocka said he wants to make sure his daughter has the best time growing up.

Here are some snaps of little Sbahle's first year that will actually leave you hella broody:



Happy birthday, Sbahle!