28/06/2018 17:12 SAST | Updated 29/06/2018 10:12 SAST

You Could Be Watching Your TV All Wrong. Here’s Why

Are you getting the most out of your TV viewing? Not sure? Have a look at these tips and see if you can tell the difference by adjusting a few settings.


You've got this really fancy television. But you may not be doing justice to just how spectacular your viewing quality could be. Look, if you've paid all this money for it, you might as well make your TV-viewing experience a memorable one – especially during world cup season.

Here are a few ways you could watch your TV better:

1. Settings, settings, settings!

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Human hand holding remote control at TV screen

If your favourite TV show is looking squished, stretched or you're struggling to make out all that's happening on the screen – perhaps the picture looks dark... you probably need to adjust your picture settings.

For aspect ratio, Gizmodo advice that you look for a function (aspect) that auto detects and fixes your aspect ratio if the button is not on your remote. 16:9 is the standard format for TV content, while a film is normally shot in a wider ratio such as 2.35:1.

2. What's your position?


If you want a more immersive experience – so that you feel like you're at the front and center of the screen action, then you might want to check how far you are to the TV in relation to the size of the room. You could move closer to the TV or bring the TV closer. Or you may just want to get a bigger, more curved screen.

3. Are you in tune with the World Cup?


Most people have their TV set for cinema viewing, which may mean you miss out on watching the best in sporting action. Visit your manual to see if there is sports mode or fast action mode on your TV, alternatively, play with your settings to ensure you're getting the rich HD experience FIFA is intending you to watch it. This may mean that you need to ramp up on HDMI cables or a Bluray player. You won't regret it.

4. What's with the drama?


There's a setting on your TV that comes standard for daytime TV viewing called 'soap opera effect' – which gives your TV smoothed out glow (like glamour glow photo editing filter). Most TV fundis will judge you for keeping this setting on for other types of viewing (like football or cinema). Turn this setting off when you don't need it.

Better yet, play around with your contracts, saturation, brightness until you get to one that is pleasing to your eye – kind of like choosing an Instagram filter. Cnet suggests you find a detailed TV show scene and adjust using that frame.

Scared you'll break the TV settings, fear not, just go back to factory settings and start again.

5. Do you now see the light?


If you really want an even more illuminated TV viewing experience, you could enhance this by just adding a backlight. Depending on how deep your pockets are, you could just get a simple desk lamp and face the light towards the wall. Or you could get specialised TV illuminated lights. It may just be worth that extra investment.

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