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12 Things Flight Attendants Won't Board A Plane Without

These are the essentials that flight attendants always carry with them when they fly.

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Air travel is a delicate balance. You never want to overdo it when you're packing, but you also don't want to forget anything important.

HuffPost spoke to a few flight attendants to find out their must-have carry-on items for flying, whether for work or pleasure. Keep scrolling to find out what essentials they can't get on a plane without.

Selfie Stick

"One of my favourite gadgets these days is my Yoozon selfie stick. On most of my trips I'm alone, discovering and capturing amazing photographs for my Instagram. It's also a tripod and has a wireless remote built into its compact design. It fits into my back pocket and has really improved my travel photography." ― Jay Robert, flight attendant and creator of Fly Guy


"Flying dries you out like a raisin. I need to be better about drinking more water, but I do rely heavily on moisturiser and apply it at least two times a day." ― Melissa, a flight attendant with American Airlines


"I always have Airborne with me, especially during flu season — so we, as flight attendants, can stay healthy and continue delivering excellent customer service." ― Angelina Perez, a flight attendant with Delta

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"I'm such a beach girl, the thought of being caught anywhere near a body of water without a bathing suit would be torturous!" ― Melissa

Lip Balm

"If there's one thing that would drive me crazy if I forgot to bring it and that is always on the pocket of my service waistcoat, it's Chapstick. My lips get ridiculously dry up there, and having a a lip balm at hand has become sort of my second nature." ― Lucas Manente, a flight attendant with a major carrier

Bullet Journal

"One item I travel with is my bullet journal. For those unfamiliar, a bullet journal is a life organiser meant to document the past and help you organise the present and future. As a flight attendant, constant travel can sometimes remove you from being grounded from your life at home. My bullet journal, with the pictures of my wife and son, to-do lists and pages highlighting my plans and goals, helps keep me tethered to my family and my life and responsibilities at home. In this day and age there are many travel essentials; however, [there are] very few things that can't easily be replaced. Be sure to take a piece of home with you so no matter where you are in the world, home is not far." ― Vinnie De Jesus, a flight attendant with Delta

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Personal Wi-Fi Hotspot

"My fly life takes me across six continents, and staying connected to my friends, family and social media followers was my biggest challenge when overseas. Fortunately for me, I discovered Teppy, a pocket-sized, personal wi-fi hotspot that lets me keep all my devices connected in over 100 countries, with unlimited internet for a price that's less than the cost of hotel wi-fi. I'm able to wander more confidently in foreign cities using maps, finding and learning about sights and ordering my transport. Their support is amazing. I dropped my device in Istanbul and it broke. Two days later a new device was at my hotel. What I like most is it only charges me on the days I use the device." ― Jay Robert


"During my downtime on a long flight, I love to get into a good story." ― Melissa


"Something I always think to carry with me, both as a flight attendant and a passenger, is a light jacket or pullover. We all know re-routes and life happen, so when you find yourself somewhere you weren't expecting to be, or if the weather surprises you, at least you know you have some comfort. The same can be applied for onboard the aircraft, especially as a passenger." ― Shane Meadow, a flight attendant with Delta

Extra Shoes

"I'd say most flight attendants always travel with an extra pair of shoes. At my own airline, flight attendants are required to wear 2-inch (5cm) heels through the airport. But once you're on the plane for 10-plus hours, 2-inch pumps just won't cut the mustard. So many flight attendants bring flat, comfortable shoes for working, or what we like to call 'in-flights'. So you've got your 'airport' or 'terminal' shoes (we also wear these during boarding and deplaning), then you have your 'in-flights', which we'll put on after take-off and before service. I also know of some flight attendants that always travel with foldable flip-flops — you know, just in case their flights get re-routed to a beach somewhere!" ― Kelly Kincaid, flight attendant with a major carrier and creator of Jetlagged Comic

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"Flight attendants always have their phones on them. As a contract corporate flight attendant, my phone is absolutely essential. I keep my catering and restock lists, passenger details, photos of boarding setups and Google handy for all moments. Ops and the pilots also need to be able to contact me at all times. Commercial flight attendants will also always have their phones on them and never leave home without them." ― Kara Mulder, a contract corporate flight attendant and creator of The Flight Attendant Life

Exercise Clothes

"I like to carry workout clothes and shoes. Gotta stay healthy and fit! We always have some sort of gym at a layover hotel and, if we don't, I'll go for a run." ― Melissa

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