09/07/2018 09:23 SAST | Updated 09/07/2018 09:23 SAST

Not Only Does Emtee Need Help, He Also Needs To Respect His Fans

Really Emtee? Seriously?


Emtee needs help and fast.

This has been the sentiment shared by South Africans after a video of the "Roll Up" rapper falling on the stage mid-performance on Saturday night went viral.

Emtee was on stage with fellow musician, Saudi, who can be seen in the video helping him get up and trying to get the performance going. Other video footage shows him being escorted off the stage by security staff and police officers.

NOTE: This clip contains strong language.

In a series of tweets earlier this month, Emtee said he hadn't been himself lately and was going through "sh*t". Some on social media believed these were his cry for help.

Saudi also took to Twitter to apologise and promise fans that, well, see for yourself:

But others don't buy it.

His friends and management also came under fire from people who believed he should not have been allowed to get on stage if he was not feeling umm, "okay". Many felt that Emtee was disrespectful to his fans by getting on stage in the first place.

Many expressed genuine concern for Emtee.

The clips were met by different reactions from South Africans on social media, many of whom agreed he needed help and fast.

This incident comes months after the rapper, who is a father of two, accidentally showed his penis to fans in a live Instagram video. At the time, he said he was chatting with his fans and when nature called, he took his phone with him to the loo, and well, the rest was history.