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Bibi Goss-Ros

Chief Operational Officer at Advanced Health

Bibi has been with Advanced Health since their listing in 2014. Bibi graduated from Nelson Mandela University and entered the private hospital market in 1993. Having gone through the ranks in the private hospital sector – first with Community Hospital Group and thereafter the Netcare hospital group, Bibi has gained extensive knowledge in the healthcare industry. She holds the position of Chief Operational Officer at Advanced Health. Bibi is passionate about the staff and is a firm believer that the staff is the core and the heart of Advanced Health.

Her extensive knowledge within the larger private hospitals, her mentors and research on what happens abroad has enabled Bibi to utilize her knowledge and experience to embrace the day hospital industry and to break boundaries by challenging the norm. 

Bibi is an active supporter of affordable quality healthcare and believes that a significant change in our existing healthcare market is a must in order for private hospitals to survive. Bibi also acts as a director of the DHA (Day Hospital Association of SA) which has grown from 28 – 45 members in only two years. Bibi believes that a significant change is needed in our healthcare market to enable sustainability in this market.