Did Bob Dylan Really Plagiarise SparkNotes In His Nobel A mural of songwriter Bob Dylan by Brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra is on display in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota on October 15, 2016. On October 13, 2016, Dylan was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature.Dylan is the second Nobel laureate in literature from Minnesota after Sinclair Lewis, whose biting satire of Midwestern life and the race to materialism won him the prize in 1930, a first by an American. Dylan's Nobel comes months after Minnesota's other musical luminary -- Prince, who proudly associated himself with the Minneapolis area -- died of an accidental painkiller overdose. / AFP / STEPHEN MATUREN / TO GO WITH AFP STORY by Shaun TANDON, 'For Dylan, aura of mystery extends to hometown'RESTRICTED TO EDITORIAL USE - MANDATORY MENTION OF THE ARTIST UPON PUBLICATION - TO ILLUSTRATE THE EVENT AS SPECIFIED IN THE CAPTION (Photo credit should read STEPHEN MATUREN/AFP/Getty Images)

Did Bob Dylan Really Plagiarise SparkNotes In His Nobel Lecture?

Maybe — but more importantly, he was intellectually lazy.
18/06/2017 09:15 SAST