Edward Kgosidintsi

Entrepreneur and Writer

Edward has been writing professionally for three years now and in that space of time he has managed to become a secluded critical voice of his generation by providing much needed exposure to the South African contemporary avant-garde music scene. He started my career writing aphoristic social commentary pieces for local blogs. He then graduated to writing iconic feature articles for the New York based African (and African Diaspora) music platform Okayafrica, becoming one of its most distinctive contributors. In 2014  Edward became Africa’s first features writer for Afropunk another major New York based cultural publication catering mostly to People of Color. In 2015 he was commissioned by the Visual Arts Network of South Africa to write a series of pieces on new forms of black expression published on one of the only reputable alternative online media publications in South Africa, the Con Mag. He recently wrote his first print feature for the South African edition of The Red Bulletin and I’ve co-written two plays and released an ‘anonymous’ prog-rap album. Along the journey I also became an entrepreneur with a record label and events company dedicated to the same agenda as my writing career: to expose the Sub-Saharan African avant-garde.