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Eric Shikobela


Eric Koketso Shikobela is a hardworking, committed and diligent individual whose leadership potential became evident in his lower grades of his schooling. He started as a public speaker during his first high school years and later became a peer educator, giving motivational talks to his schoolmates.

He attended an HIV/AIDS program with the city of Tshwane where he got training and certification of HIV/AIDS counselling.

After working with the youth for eight years, engaging them in counselling and prayer sessions, career guidance, confidence building, morals and values upholding, sporting programs and business mentoring he opened a non-profit organization called Youth Movement Organization.

The organization’s purpose is to combat unemployment and drug abuse amongst the youth in his community.

He founded the church Holy Faith Ministries being driven by the passion of preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and bringing hope to the hopeless.

He studied at Jabez Christian College where he attained his diploma in Ministry Leadership and uses all he’s learnt as a current pastor in the church.