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Genevieve Louw

Education Programme Co-ordinator, Gay and Lesbian Memory in Action (GALA)

Genevieve Louw is a queer educator/facilitator/activist that currently works for GALA (The Gay and Lesbian Memory in Action) as the Education Programme Co-ordinator. Louw has a Masters in Fine Art from the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg and Louw's academic research focuses on educational art practice and participatory/socially engaged art practice facilitated with youth in both formal and non-formal spaces in South Africa. Recently, Louw’s practice has been geared toward LGBTIQA+ activism within South African school spaces. Genevieve uses a creative methodology to engage with learners and school management teams around the theme of gender and sexual orientation. Genevieve’s work addresses the urgency to educate South African youth in school spaces on the complexities of gender, sexual orientation and diversity to attempt the debunking of myths and to prevent further discrimination. Louw also facilitates sensitivity training in various environments including corporate and government institutions around the broader theme of diversity with the intention to impact organizational dynamics, social development and change.