Jos Kuper

Researcher, FutureFact

Jos Kuper is a research professional of more than 40 years experience and founded Kuper Research, a consultancy specialising in media, marketing and socio-political analysis.

She is one of the independent researchers responsible for the futurefact survey that has been monitoring the significant social, political and economic attitudinal changes in our country since 1998. She has worked intensively on the various mindsets of South Africans, including the relevance of social mobility, social cohesion and dissent, the digital society as it evolves and the headspaces of audiences and readers of various media. Jos has given many papers internationally, consults for universities and business schools and has worked in the media field in several countries. She identified the gap in the market for the Daily Sun newspaper and its development which earned her the title ‘mother of the thing’ from the founding publisher.